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Consolidate or Grow My Super

If you have money in multiple superannuation accounts, don’t know where your super is or just looking to get more results with your superannuation then we may be able to help.

Retirement Income Planning

Whether you are looking to retire in 3 years or 30 years then good retirement income planning from a Financial Planner is critical. Click here to get matched with the right financial planner today.

Personal Risk Protection Insurances

Did you know that a Financial Planner can help with things like Life Insurance and Income Protection Insurance? If you have a mortgage you really should talk to a Financial Planner about this today.

Creating a Financial Plan

We have all heard the saying “fail to plan and you plan to fail”, a plan to save, accumulate, invest or get a real understanding of how much you will need in retirement is no different.


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Are you financially in a a state of boom or bust?

Financially Western Australia contributes more the mineral and energy exports than any other state and per person, it is not surprising the contribution to the global economy is higher than any other state. Western Australia is a boom state and how are you going financially? Are you booming or busting?
Finances can be drained or increased because of different life events. We have addressed some below. If any of these below ring true for you, it may be time to meeting with a financial planner in your region. You’ll be glad you did.

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Aged Care


There are a lot of considerations when dealing with a loved one who need assistance. We have listed a couple below:

There could be anything like capital gains issues or issues with the a pension if the home is sold. It is important you meet with one of our financial planners, and see if there is an impact in selling the home.

You will need to ensure the money from the sale is used appropriately ongoing maintenance and upkeep if you keep your home. There are also any medical needs that may arise. Finally as discussed above the impact the government make when they change laws and regulations. For instance, at the beginning of the year, how assets help in super are treated.

What are your options regarding aged care?

The degree of care needed is determined by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) which comprised social workers and health professionals.

They will determine what level of care you need so you can decide on the right facility with the services you or a loved one need.

The bottom line is, fill in the form and we will allocate a financial planner that suits you.

Australian spend more than 100% of their income and gradually end up in a situation where they can’t afford anything unless it’s bought on credit.
A Find Financial Planner can help and get you out of your financial rut. We should mention if you have a debt problem, a financial planner is not who you need to see. You need to see a finance broker who can refinance your debt.

What a financial advisor does is helps you set up a budget so you can stop spending more than you make. They set you up on the fast track to financial success but tackling the two areas of investing and protection. Nothing would be worse than having your income or a loved one taken away due to misfortune or unforeseen circumstances. A financial planner can’t take the circumstance away but can make sure it is not worse by loosing an income or have more financial burden.

If this makes sense just fill in the contact information on the right hand side. You’ll be glad you did.

As stated above, while life insurance is not the only strategy it should be looked at seriously. What would happen if your finances were really tight and then you couldn’t work due to illness or injury? How long is your sick leave? Do you have any sick leave? Do you really want to use your cash reserves while you are waiting to work again? What if it is more serious and you have large medical bills.

We think you can understand the point we are making. No one knows what is around the corner and we can’t predict the future. Protect yourself now and avoid problems. We protect our assets like car and house but unfortunately less than 30% of Australians (according to one of the large insurers) protect the lifestyle income and family. Fill out the form now, you’ll be glad you did.

There has been some recent shift in global economies. If you are like most clients, they are not interested nor really understand what this means to them.

That is all the more reason it makes sense to stay on the safe side of things. Given that caution is the rule of the game, investors should really consult their financial advisers and understand the science of investment as per the movement of the markets for better returns.

There are many things to take into consideration like what is happening in China, Greece, the U.S and so on. If you want to worry about more important things like where you are taking your family on the next holiday, then put the worry back on a good financial planner. Use the contact form to get more

One Final Point.

You are the most important thing to consider in this equation. The government are not going to take care of you in retirement and you have the responsibility to make sure YOU are going in the right direction. If you need help and have had enough and feel “sick and tired of being sick and tired ”. Now’s the time for change. You’ll be glad you did.