Is It Worth Paying For A Financial Advisor?

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What we cover on this page is:

How to Choose the Right Planner

How much money do you need to engage a financial planner?

How much are Financial Advisor or Planner Costs

The Best Way to Start Investing- Wisely!

Financial planning doesn’t need to be complex and costly. Before making any decisions about investing you need to understand how much you should invest, what kind of risks are you okay with, what to invest in and what are your financial goals.

!!Investor Beware!! What Does it Cost to Invest & What To Look Out For in A Financial Planner

Be Careful!! On this page, we cover what to look for in a good planner and how to avoid the bad ones. We also cover how much it costs to invest with a financial planner.

What Should You Invest In Currently?

What Types Of Investments Can A Financial Planner Help With? We cover some of the types of investments you can look into currently and what types of investments a financial planner can help with. We also cover how much you may potentially need to invest to make it viable when a financial planner is involved.


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Things You Can Do To Choose The Right Planner:

How Can Choose The Right Financial Planner To Help Grow My Money?

Firstly before we get started please review the disclaimer and general advice warning. We are in no way giving you advice. We suggest before making any financial decisions you speak to your planner or you

A lot of people “jump into the pool” before they have any idea what they are doing. Before you engage with a planner make sure you ask him or her important questions like:

How do you get paid if I invest with you?

Check their commissions and associations. Check their Financial Services Guide. Are they paid if you invest in certain products they recommend? Find Financial Planners does its best to avoid planners (like the plague) who get paid by flogging certain products.

Do You Charge Me More Because Of How Much Money I am Investing With You?

Why should you pay more if they do the same amount of work and the same amount of research just because of the amount of money you are investing? Does this make sense?

What Products Can You Offer Me?

How many products can your planner offer you? We have seen a lot of planners usually with a product provider or a bank who can only provide one to 4 products and others who are flogging the latest “trend” like those that offered “Self-Managed Super Funds” as they were part of a property investment company. This is something to look out for

Do they own a stake in what they recommend you invest in or do they get paid more if they recommend certain products?

Watch this!! What matters most is they offer you a product that is in your best interest and can explain why this is in your best interest. Also, make sure they have a wide variety of products they can offer you that benefit you and not them.

What does their financial situation look like?

Like attracts like. Can you imagine working with a planner that was heavily in bad debt or could not manage their OWN finances? Why would you want to work with them?

We have even seen financial planners not being able to pay their creditors. Thankfully we don’t work with these planners. These people are supposed to show you how to manage your finances when they can’t manage their own finances! Be careful and ask them “Can you guarantee that you or your team have a better financial situation than me?

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5 Reason People Use Find Financial Planners

What Does It Cost To See A Financial Planner?

Quite often planners offer an Initial Financial Planning Consultation for FREE and With No- Obligation.

This is an opportunity for you to make three decisions:

Do You Like The Planner?

I’m sure you understand that it doesn’t make any sense to work with someone, especially for more than a month or a week if you don’t like them

Are They Competent?

Using Find Financial Planners should remove the worry or concern over this because the planners we match to you have been vetted. We also do feedback calls with previous clients that we have matched to potential clients to make sure they provide excellent service.

  • Things you can do to make sure they are a good planner include:
  • Check with their dealer group
  • Google their business name and see what comes up
  • Check with ASIC. In particular, look for suspended or banned planners!
  • Check their google reviews. Never rely on their website for their reviews as they could be made up or only reflect only good reviews.

Is There Value In Their Service and Recommendations?

Value is not necessarily representative of returns, but it may be critical for a lot of people
Some other valuable things include less worry, clearer direction or more clarity to name a few. However, if you invest $1 with a planner you are going to want to see more than $1 back in return.

Before you engage a planner, quite often the planner will off a FREE and no-obligation Initial Consultation. This is an opportunity for you to develop confidence and comfort in your financial adviser. That is do you find them competent and is there value in the strategies they are looking to help you with?

If you invest with a planner, they will quite often need 5 to 20 hours reviewing, checking, researching, looking at the pros and cons and putting the paperwork together and more…

The main paperwork is called a statement of advice and typically takes into consideration your personal situation and current finances and more. Planners charge about $200 to $600 per hour depending on their experience.

While Financial Planners can help clients with small amounts of money, it may be harder to justify a return on investment. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to your money and the amount and before making decisions, at least speak to a planner to find out the best course of action

The average and minimum cost for a planner for the first 12 months compared to all planners across the country is around $4000. Good Planners, like the ones Find Financial Planners use, do not charge you and won’t want to engage you if there is no benefit to you and does not make sense to work together.