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Consolidate or Grow My Super

If you have money in multiple superannuation accounts, don’t know where your super is or just looking to get more results with your superannuation then we may be able to help.

Retirement Income Planning

Whether you are looking to retire in 3 years or 30 years then good retirement income planning from a Financial Planner is critical. Click here to get matched with the right financial planner today.

Personal Risk Protection Insurances

Did you know that a Financial Planner can help with things like Life Insurance and Income Protection Insurance? If you have a mortgage you really should talk to a Financial Planner about this today.

Creating a Financial Plan

We have all heard the saying “fail to plan and you plan to fail”, a plan to save, accumulate, invest or get a real understanding of how much you will need in retirement is no different.


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We know you work hard for every cent you earn. Whether your in the manufacturing industry, health, defence or retail it’s time to make your money work for you and not only work for money.

Why is it that the wealthy and the poor have the the same amount of hours but one person will use their situation as a reason to take action and thrive while another becomes a victim. This is why we have developed this site with South Australians in mind.

The median income of a South Australian on average is lower than the rest of Australia and unemployment rates are nearly 10% in some areas of the state. This is unacceptable.

Our goal is to change this situation one person at a time. We hope, even if your situation is better than average, you will see the benefits in filling in the two minute form. The financial planners you will have access to can move you financial situation to the next level.

To do this, the financial advisor that you will see will focus on areas that you may over looked or are not focused on. They may be areas you are emotionally connected to and know logically you need to make a change. When you fill in our two minute form our financial planners will help you take care of the following areas of your life:

  • Budgeting and setting goals including debt management
  • Managing situation changes like a divorce, new job, house or a baby
  • Aged care
  • Addressing and dealing with Centrelink
  • Getting into a SMSF-who should have a Self-Managed Super Fund.
  • Help with your Government superannuation.
  • Investing-Strategies around Gearing, and
  • Investments-strategies and options.
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Its time to make a decision about your future.


If something is holding you back, it’s time to let that go. You may feel a little skeptical and wonder how someone who you don’t know or trust can help you. You may want a second opinion or something has changed in your life. Below we address the reasons people are deciding to see a financial advisor:

With a new arrival come changes in your expenditure. You will notice less time and more of your income going to the little one. If this stretches your finances, the worse thing that can happen from here is to loose an income . It’s time to fill in the two minute form and talk strategies with a financial planner on how to protect your income and family from unforeseen circumstances.

This is not my first child.

You may already have children and have had a second or third child. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t insure yourself. There is more reason to meet a financial adviser and protect your family.
If you have insured yourself, you may be looking to save up for your children’s education or savings. Financial planners can help you set up your children’s futures as well. Raising children and paying for their education especially if you choose private education can be expensive. It helps to have a good plan and get help improving your skills with money. Let one of our financial advisors take the burden out of saving for your children’s education.

Protect your child if you are not around

The next area of concern when you’ve had a baby is estate planning. Should something happen to you, would you really want the government making decisions about your children and how your incomes and assets are divided up? If not fill in our two minute form and get help now.

Firstly congratulations. The good news is, we can assist you and your loved one have a the life you are looking for. The recommendation we would make is to fill in our two minute form and make sure you have addressed the changes in finances properly. Being married means you share finances, maybe you put your income in a joint account and your philosophies on money could be different. One of you could be a “spender” and the other could be an “avoider”. It’s time to align your budgets, make sure you are protecting your income and start saving up for important goals in your life like getting a house etc.
Have you and your spouse talked about your goals? You both are on a path together and when you meet our financial advisors, they can help you get clarity even on things like who is responsible for paying the bills  and the amount that would be acceptable to spend on fun activities.
Getting married also means there are new financial obligations now and potentially in the future. For example, what happens if an unfortunate event occurs and the other half is left with financial and personal burdens?

If you don’t plan, you plan to fail.

A harsh statement but very true. Having a clear shared vision is one way of ensuring you’re on the right track together, and that you are working towards common goals.

When a couple don’t see a future together, there is the emotional and financial stress that comes with divorce or be separated.

The Expenses Are Not Halved.

Some people think that when we separate the expenses half and this is not necessarily true. The expenses for children for example won’t drop if one parent is looking after them. If you don’t know where to start, it might be time to fill in our two minute form. This situation may present challenges new to you.

You May Have Made The Financial Decisions?

You may also normally let your partner deal with all the financial decision making because we all have roles in relationships. This could be the first time you’ve had to face major financial decisions on your own. The good news is you’re not alone and one of our financial planners can help. All you need to do is fill in the two minute form.

You may feel you are pretty comfortable with making financial decisions as you always made the decisions when you were together. While this may be true, we have found often there are different solutions to financial solutions and obtaining the right financial advice for your circumstances is important.

We Are Here To Help.

Getting help with navigating this new road is critical. You’re not alone and often the cost of the financial advice you will receive can be covered indirectly by your superannuation or any commissions the financial planner receives.

Stress over money issues is virtually unavoidable in divorce, and what may help during this difficult time is someone partial who is not going to judge you but provide clarity and make the major financial considerations easier and simpler for the future.

Now that your future and goals have changed, a financial adviser can help you understand your range of options and map out a plan which can help you deal with the challenges of the future.

.It is important to get a second opinion related to money you have received. According  to Robert Kyosaki author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” the general population receive little to no training on where to invest their money. He says because of poor financial education, 90% of people accumulate only  10% of all the money/assets in the world and the remaining 10% of world’s population accumulate 90% of the wealth in the world.

How many sports people or lotto winners have you seen or heard who lost all their riches and even went bankrupt. If you consider yourself less than a sophisticated investor, maybe we can help? Fill in the two minute form, and get help from someone that deals with money and financials all the time. This doesn’t mean you are required to use their advice, but getting additional strategies may help get a better financial result.

What if I have debt, shouldn’t I get rid of that?

Logically if you could get a higher rate and can save money buy paying off the loan this seems to make a lot of sense. Before you do this, it is highly recommended to seek a second opinion. There could be something a financial advisor knows that could save you tax or help you earn more money. Fill in the two minute form before doing anything.

I deserve a holiday- I Want to Spend my Windfall on that.

A lot of us feel we have deprived ourselves of luxuries during our time either because we bought a home and barely scrapped by or had kids and made sure they had a lot of the things our parents didn’t.

A financial advisor can help you look at your goals, help weigh your options and clarify what is the best strategy moving forward. They will even make sure you don’t sacrifice too much to have a couple of rewards (a holiday or car etc).

We think you would agree these sorts of concepts can be complicated for some. This is why having an informative conversation with an advisor will really help you create the life you are looking for. All you need to do is fill in our two minute form.

At this point, you still may have concerns about using a financial advisor. It may not be convenient to see a financial adviser, which can be one of the reasons people don’t take the first step. You may not be located near a major town, may be extremely busy or it may not work to meet a financial adviser during business hours. You may be located in Mount Gambier, Murray Bridge, Victor Harbour, Mount Barker, Stirling or Bordertown. Wherever your locating or circumstances, we have someone who can assist you.

Your Future- is it in your hands or someone else’s?

We are reminded of the great Earl Nightingale’s comment about getting a fire going for a fireplace; “Give me heat and then I’ll add the wood”. This is how most people run their lives. We can’t rely on someone or the government to look after us in retirement or in the future.

It’s your turn to have the life you desire. If you fill in the two minute form, one of our professional advisers can give you a call and help you make a difference.