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We remove the guesswork out of dealing with your financial planner but doing feedback calls on their potential clients to ensure they are scoring top marks on customer service and speak your language

Consolidate or Grow My Super

If you have money in multiple superannuation accounts, don’t know where your super is or just looking to get more results with your superannuation then we may be able to help.

Retirement Income Planning

Whether you are looking to retire in 3 years or 30 years then good retirement income planning from a Financial Planner is critical. Click here to get matched with the right financial planner today.

Personal Risk Protection Insurances

Did you know that a Financial Planner can help with things like Life Insurance and Income Protection Insurance? If you have a mortgage you really should talk to a Financial Planner about this today.

Creating a Financial Plan

We have all heard the saying “Fail to plan and you plan to fail”, a plan to save, accumulate, invest or get a real understanding of how much you will need in retirement is no different.


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Find Financial Planners is looking out for you, the business owner and professional employee. We know life can be pretty good in the GoldCoast however, life can pass you by faster than you think. Ask anyone who is newly married or who has a teenage son or daughter. Most of them will say they did the best they could with what they knew or had.

The average financial situation for someone in Queensland is better than most, however, if you want to have a better financial future than you have right now, we would suggest filling in our 2-minute form and seeing if a financial planner can help you achieve your dreams and goals.

To help do this, all you need to do is meet our financial planners halfway. That means being willing to commit some time to your financial future and meet them face to face. If you are willing to do that, then you are on the right track and came to the right place, to find solutions.



What makes you unique?


We want to ensure the right financial planner fits your situation and that a good portion of what makes you who you are is your occupation. We think you would agree there is nothing worse than dealing with any financial professional who doesn’t connect with you or have a basic understanding of how your industry works.

To create a winning outcome for you, we incorporate experience, know-how and technology of matching you and your goals with the right financial planner. This will save you time and worry.

Our financial planners know how hard it can be to run a commercial, industrial or domestic plumbing business. Modern-day plumbing is a luxury that most people can’t live or be without. We know you get down and dirty and the physical wear and tear on your body can make any other priority seem unnecessary in comparison. If you’ve been digging a hole in the hot sun or up to your armpits in ‘crap’ literally, it is pretty hard to think about the future. There are long hours, emergency calls on weekends and public holidays, the plumbing industry to contend with and collecting payments (if you own your own plumbing business).

After all this, then there are the administrative duties like dealing with the ATO and tax, your Self- Managed Super Funds and making sure you pay your super obligations when you own a corporation or have staff. It is never-ending.

Then there are your own personal finances. The problem is if you don’t address your finances there will eventually be a cost to you, your family or your future. You may love what you do, but getting your personal finances in order and seeing a financial advisor is about choices. Imagine being able to:

  • Choose when you get up in the morning.
  • The choice to say no to work because you don’t have to take it, and
  • The choice to be ‘off the tools’ and let someone else worry about the problems.

If the ‘what if’ scenarios are sparking the possibilities in your mind, fill in the two-minute form and meet with an advisor. You’ll appreciate what they can do for you.

Just like Plumbers, running an electrical contract business or working for someone that does, can be hard. We are sure you have experienced similar problems or situations.

For example, let’s say you live on one side of the GoldCoast, say Arundel and you have to drive to Brisbane like Chermside or a similar area and then the job gets cancelled or delayed. The cost to your business or you personally can be frustrating when you have to deal with disorganised people.

Then there is crawling under houses or confined spaces. All of this can make dealing with your financial future, success and goals a lower priority.

We understand the immediate ‘pain’ in dealing with something that may not be your number 1 priority right now. Delaying this exercise though is like living life on autopilot. By making the decision to deal with it now, avoids being forced to deal with it when it is too late.

Our financial planners have intimate knowledge of the electrical industry and know how to help electricians have financial and life success. They will meet you where you are at and can meet after hours. Our no-nonsense approach will mean they won’t waste your precious hours with needless meetings or have to sit through high-pressure sales techniques. Just a comfortable, relaxed environment where the financial planner can even come to your home.

All you need to do is be willing to meet with a financial planner and decide today that you want your life to be better than average. Fill in our two-minute form and let our financial planner know where you want to meet. We congratulate you, in advance for taking this step.

A builder not dealing with their finances and neglecting them is a bit like building a house without foundations. Can you imagine how much better your job or business would be if you had your finances in order? As we all know, the state of your business is often the same state as your personal finances.

There are similar skills in organising a building project as there are in organising your finances. You need to know who is doing what by when and have a good understanding of your cash flow. Unfortunately, due to a lack of time, builders often neglect their books and their financial future.

If you are reading this website and are a builder then you probably want your financial future to be better than it is. Some of the reasons which prevent most builders from having the financial future they want are:

(1) Having unforeseen things happen. How would you be if you couldn’t work due to illness and injury? How would this affect your work and situation? If this is of concern to you, it may be time to fill in our two-minute form

(2) They spend more than they earn. If you are doing this and your finances are not where you want them to be, financial advisers have advanced budgeting software that can help you understand where the money is going. Sometimes, as the late and great Jim Rohn said “The truth can set you free”.

(3) Not utilising the current tax and financial laws and regulations to their best opportunity. Using the laws is like using a nail gun versus a hammer. We have found a lot of builders don’t use ‘financial tools’ to their advantage. If you are a builder or property developer, it is definitely worth seeing how a financial planner can help utilise financial structures for the best result for you.

There are many ways to retire and a financial planner can help you retire even if that is not through accumulating wealth with superannuation.

There are many other reasons for lack of success, but the bottom line is you have nothing to lose by meeting a financial adviser. The worst-case scenario of meeting an advisor is you’ll learn some ideas which you can utilise when you are ready.

You may be a doctor, engineer, school teacher, banker or some other profession, but the question is do you want to leave your financial future to the government or do you want to take action on your future. We would suggest making your financial future ‘a study’ or an education. Meeting up with a financial planner and reviewing your finances is a good first step.

The good thing about us is we have financial planners that specialise in your industry and live or work close to your postcode. Good financial planners, like the ones available on this website, are busy but will work with you on a mutually beneficial location to meet.

It all comes down to service in the end. Once you lodge your enquiry, you will get called within 1 business day of lodging your enquiry and we will confirm if you are interested in meeting.

Areas Financial Planners Work In:

(1) Protecting you, your family and loved ones from unforeseen occurrences

(2) Budgeting and cash flow

(3) Superannuation and maximising your entitlements

(4) Setting yourself up for retirement

(5) Investments and managed funds

(6) Aged care and Centrelink entitlements.

(7) Wills and estate planning

(8) Goal setting and your financial future.

The final step after meeting a financial planner is one of our Client executives will give you a call and see how you have found the service you received. This will help make sure we give the right financial planners the right opportunity.

What have you got to lose by meeting a financial planner?

This is why people are filling in the contact details on our two-minute form. We can deal with any industry, in any postcode and we vet our planners to make sure you get the best result.