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Financial Planners Canberra

Why do you want to see a financial planner?

There are many reasons people seek the advice of a financial planner and it all comes back to the bigger picture of why. What do you want to be, do or become as a result of having more time and money. Our financial planners are worth their time and will be able to help you achieve this.

The questions then becomes how do you want to interact with your financial planner. Do you want a full service proposition or just interact with your financial advisor occasionally. We can make sure your financial adviser offers service based on your needs.

We can connect you up with a financial adviser who can help you clarify your goals and start to plan to reaching these goals factoring in your budget and expectation. All you need to do is fill in our two minute form

What are your goals?

The statement can also be written what are your dreams. If a financial planner could give you the most ideal future what would this look like? What car would you be driving, where would you live, how many times a year would you go on holiday? How much income would you be earning.

It all comes back to your time line. One year is just twelve months. It’s already near December. Where did the rest of the year go? In just 60 months you’ll be 5 years older. In 5 years what will your life look like? Do you have kids? If you already have kids, will you have more kids. Do you own a business? Will your business be more or less successful?

If something happen to this life plan would you want a life “spare tire”. Even people employed by the government don’t have job security. Even if you feel your job is secure, can you guarantee there won’t be a financial burden if you couldn’t work if the unforeseen happen? How will the unforeseen affect your ability to achieve your goals. If all these questions concern you, just fill in our two minute form and we can lift the burden now.

What is the knowledge you are hoping to gain by meeting your Financial Advisor?

This is important to understand. You will not gain any value from meeting your financial adviser if this is not clear. We will engage a financial planner for you who will educate you. A good analogy of lack of education, is a person trying to loose weight. In most cases, people who stop dieting seem to put the weight they worked really hard to loose. If they had been educated on how to keep weight off (eg what to eat and how to exercise) they would be less likely to put weight on.

Another example is people who win the lotto? How many people still have the money they won years later? Did you realise the figure is around only 3%? So fill in our two minute form and we can connect you to a financial advisor who can help keep the money you have, now.

What is the best result for you?

Some of you may be thinking I work for the government, university or I’m in a federal administration role and they pay nearly 20% into my super, so I don’t need any help.

Did you realise that according to the bureau of statistic 2013, 73% of retirees will be totally reliant on the government to survive. Furthermore according to the same article, this leaves 21% partially reliant on the government pension and only 6% of all people Canberra retiring on anything above $50,000!

Could you retire on $50,000 per annum? If not, what is the result you are looking for?

If you are 21 or 61 , you need to start now. When procrastination is a wealth hazard, who can afford to wait? Do you want to be one of the 6% of people retiring on $50,000 or more or one of the 94% living below their means? If you want to be the select few, fill in our two minute form, you will be glad you did.

When do you want to start on your financial journey?

This could be an exciting time for you. With people you may know, struggling to own their own home and Australians spending 103% of what they earn and living off their credit card, now is the time to make a difference. Just take two minutes and lets us know your name and why you’d want to meet.

What kind of future are you looking for?

If you aren’t too concerned about your future it is very unlikely you would be on this site or be interested in meeting with a financial planner.

However maybe you have a family and are concerned if something happens to you, what will they do to survive. Do you want your situation better, the same or worse if something unexpected happens.

What if you can’t work and can’t pay the bills. How will this effect your financial future? How will this effect your goals?

Finally, how are you going setting up yourself so you don’t want to work anymore? Most people think they have years. We just spoke to Peter from Nicholls ACT today who advised when he ran the numbers he didn’t have a lot of time left before he is supposed to retire. As we are all aware retirement doesn’t just sneak up on us, but it feels like it does. So we suggest:

  • Start now, if you wait one year it will cost you. Compound interest could be the difference between a balance of $900,000 verses a $1,000,000 superannuation.
  • A little bit every day makes a huge difference to how you will live in the end.

Are you reliant on one income source-your job?

Imagine your on an elevator and the main cable breaks, what is to stop you fall? That’s like having one income and no emergency break or cable. Whether you’re in public administration, scientific, professional and technical services and health care, the fact is the bureau of statistics show if you live in Canberra your weekly median income in most likely 55% better when compared to the rest of Australia. A big income is great but means nothing if it goes due to health or you can’t achieve your goals or lifestyle because you don’t have time.

Maybe money isn’t the problem, maybe your are time bankrupt!

If your a business owner or executive an a no large organisation, you may not have a money problem, you may have a time problem. With the average person in Canberra working 50 hours a week and executives working closer to 80 or 90 hours, it really is like running fast on a tread mill. The problem is you are going no where fast. Your greatest asset is your time. Anyone can make money and replace money they loose, but no-one can replace even one minute wasted or lost.

A financial planner can help protect your time asset. All it takes is filling in our two minute form. That can show you how to get your time back. You’ll be glad you did.

Building Solid Foundations-Specialists in Government And Defence Superannuation Schemes.

The financial advisors we have access to are also experts in government and defence superannuation schemes. Whether it is the structure of your investments or the finite details of how we can help you maximise your benefits now or in retirement, all it takes it two minutes and some faith. Our financial planners would be happy to do what it takes to make a plan which helps you reach your goals.

They can even help people who have been unlucky in a relationships.

Maybe you are recently separated or divorced. We have a financial planner that can help you too. It is a struggle for some to rebuild after a marriage breakdown. If you are like most it can be quite overwhelming to get back on your feet. Fill in our two minute form and learn how to turn your situation around. It starts with in filling in our two minute form and knowing your why. Fill in our form and tell us your why. It will help you and your financial advisor work towards your goals. Remember you won’t do the hard things you need to do if you are not crystal clear why you are doing it.