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We believe that every person has the right to meet with the correct financial Planner to help protect their future and get assistance to grow their wealth.

We believe that you need to spend your time helping people achieve their financial and wealth goals not spending tons of money on hit and miss marketing that may or may not give you your ideal clients.

We have robust systems and processes that allow us to carefully vet the sea of Financial Planners in Australia for those with the most appropriate qualifications, the closest match for the financial planners skills and experience, work with the highest level of honesty and integrity and provide the highest levels of customer service to their clients.

We have enquiries every day from people looking to find the very best Financial Planner for their needs that we qualify, verify and book an appointment with the best match we can.

We have an optimized demand generating system that sources, identifies, qualifies and verifies sales ready opportunities that we then supply to appropriate Financial Planners that meet our standards.

We are a company that specializes in providing Sales Ready Leads to approved Financial Planners

A Qualified Lead, or Sales Ready Lead, as we categorise them, is a lead who:

  • Has shown intent to buy by making a direct search for the product or service from our various marketing ad client acquisition sources

And or they have:

  • Contacted us with their interest often by filling in a form on one of our sites, emailed us or called us (no we do not cold call the white pages for customers).
  • Their details have been validated by one of our team and quite often we book the appointment for you with your new sales ready lead at the time we are on the phone to them.

This means that these leads are definitely interested in a Financial Planning service, they have taken the time to provide us with their current situation and needs, they have requested to meet with a Financial Planner, and, their contact details are correct.

We see these leads as a great opportunity for your businesses because the customer has a strong intent to buy. From analysing data over several years we have found that when these Qualified or Sales Ready Leads are contacted quickly there is a much higher success rate, so we recommend that you follow up swiftly.

We are Find Financial Planners Pty Ltd, a Company that has been operating across Australia since 2014 and incorporated in August 2015.

  • We are not an advertising agency but a marketing company.
  • We do not provide or charge for referrals.
  • We are not a Financial Planning Business – no we are not in competition with you
  • We do NOT offer Financial Advice
  • We are not willing to accept just any Financial Planner as one of our trusted referred advisors

Yes, we are a commercial business just like you.

We would be pleased to meet with you and discuss this in far more detail so you can determine whether its worth your investment.

No more will you need to throw money at marketing that may or may not work. We share the risk and the rewards with you so its in our best interest to provide you with a sales-ready lead that is more likely to convert to a sale.

Absolutely you get support.

You are allocated a dedicated client relationship manager that will guide you through the process from your initial enquiry and if we accept your application will help you every step of the way.

We have robust systems and processes that it’s critical that we all follow. We train and support you through them so we can work best together and support our clients that you are given the introduction.

Simply fill out the expression of interest at the top of this page or book in with our National Client Manager- Jason Allen and we can have a chat to see if we are all a good fit together.

Secure and Trusted Since 2014

Congratulations for making the decision to grow your client numbers. We wanted to take the guesswork and risk out of using a company like us.

Therefore we offer all planners a retail or wholesale offer. Under the retail offer, the first Premium Qualified Lead is Free. If for some reason, the client does not match what we both agree to, you can keep the client and that’s where the relationship ends. 

Since 2014, Find Financial Planners and its sister companies have helped almost 5000 Australians, get matched to successful and trustworthy financial planners. 

***Please note this page is for FInancial Planners Only***

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