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We are 100% Australian owned and promote 5-star Newcastle financial planners and financial advisors who are award-winning in the Central Coast. These financial advisers are the best of breed in their industries.

We remove the guesswork out of dealing with your financial planner but doing feedback calls on their potential clients to ensure they are scoring top marks on customer service and speak your language.



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Consolidate or Grow My Super

Superannuation & Self-Managed Super Fund Newcastle

Financial Planning doesn’t need to be complex and costly. But not consolidating your super or having unnecessary insurances within super may be very costly. You don’t need to already be “wealthy” to benefit. Our Financial Advisors offer exceptional, award-winning, five-star levels of service working closely with you to create personalised solutions. We help proactive individuals like you who want to take control of their life and future.

Retirement Income Planning

Retirement Planning Newcastle

The government are constantly introducing new and revised policies in relation to your retirement. Whether you’re approaching retirement or are already there, we will assist you, plan for the future to enjoy your life. Are you on track or off track? Retirement income planning from a Financial Planner is critical.

Personal Risk Protection Insurances

Income Insurance Newcastle

What is going to happen if you get sick or injured and you have kids or debt? Is there insurance within your super that you don’t know about Our team will make sure you are investing the most efficient amount in these insurances. That will ensure there is no financial pain for you or your family if something not perfect happens.

If you have a mortgage, debt or family you really should talk to a Financial Planner today.

Help your Money Grow

Wealth Creation Newcastle

The question is what is the amount you need to retire or be financially free? How far are you off this target and does this concern you? Our Financial Planners potentially will help you set up a life you desire. They will help you discover your goals and develop a plan to achieve them.


Get Matched Now

Newcastle Financial Planners- Trusted and Better


Newcastle and Central Coast Financial Advisers- What should you look For?

Are reviews enough on Google or Facebook to be certain that you are going to get a planner that you can rely on and trust? The answer is no. We survey our clients almost every time and make sure they are looked after by our financial planners.

We developed an allocation system that has been consistently refined almost weekly and since 2014 to ensure you have that peace of mind to know your situation, personal wealth and family are being looked after by planners who care and want the best for you.

Complete our Find Financial Planners Newcastle 2-step process.

We will allocate you to a financial planner that provides comprehensive understandable financial solutions with no hidden surprises and ongoing support when you need it the most. We have been trusted and looked after our clients with clear communication and exceptional service and we are Australian based. What is the value to you to turn an activity which could take up to two hours, into a quick and easy 2 step process? Through our whole time helping clients get allocated, we have scored 9 or 10 on customer service by clients like you.

Financial Advisers spend up to 5-20 hours developing a well-structured plan and presented it to YOU so you can understand it and get that clarity of purpose and direction. This plan may help you re-focus your priorities and, if need be, this can be revised by the financial planner as needed.


Reasons To Use Find Financial Planners

Find a Financial Adviser in Central Coast and Newcastle- Fast


What Financial Planners Cannot Help You With?

A common misconception is that planners can help you if you are bankrupt, drowning in debt or need help consolidating your debt. This is a mortgage broker, financial broker or a Debt Management specialist.

Financial planners cannot help you if you want to buy your first home and you need to know what you can borrow, what house you should choose or what deposit is required. This is a mortgage broker or a bank.

A financial planner cannot help you if you want to save tax. This is an accountant or tax specialist. While financial planners can help with things like salary sacrificing in your superannuation, they don’t do saving tax and how it may relate to purchasing your second investment property or saving on your income tax.

What can a financial planner help you with

When can I stop working? Am I doing enough? Could I be doing more? What else should I be doing? If you have been asking yourself these questions, a financial planner can help.

You have been hardworking, all your life, we love working with you over a long period of time to make the small considered adjustments to your plan needed throughout the years to bring you stability and conservative investment guidance to achieve the long term result you looking to have in retirement.

Whether you’re starting your wealth creation journey, are ready to retire or just looking for one-off advice we would suggest you complete our 2-step form as we can help.  We have planners in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley, and Central Coast. We are a national company. Our aim is to allocate you to a  financial planner to provide you with an uncomplicated, affordable plan which is personalised in the following areas:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Combining or growing your Superannuation
  • Strategies to potential create & grow your investments
  • First Home Owner Sper Saver Scheme
  • Aged Care
  • Asset and family protection
  • Estate Planning
  • Risk insurance
  • Self-Managed Superannuation
  • Trust Strategies
  • Retirement Planning

The first reason people fill in our two-minute form is it takes so long to get anywhere in Newcastle and the Central Coast. If you are like most people and travelling to work by train or car, this can take up 2 hours (and sometimes more each way). We have a financial planner that is ready to meet you now. They will come to you and they are local . The best and most convenient place to meet is in your home. If this is not suitable, they are happy to meet somewhere else and discover what is unique about you.

Why use this service to find a Financial Planner?

First and foremost this service is free for you. You will pay your financial planner either directly or indirectly but you don’t pay us. We believe trades people and highly paid professionals would get the most benefit out of using the site for the following reasons:

Most Australians dream of owning their own home; but prices in Newcastle and the Central Coast have risen so much, that this does not appear affordable for the average couple in the area. The most important aspect of financial planning is getting to know where you are heading to, and how your money will help take you there. Most people don’t focus on their objectives and don’t review them. We’d suggest taking the time with a qualified and quality financial advisor to look closely at your objectives and help you provide a clearer picture of where you are headed and the state of your finances; The truth will set you free.

Good financial advice will enable you to achieve the objectives you have set such as getting ahead, saving up for your future, becoming financially independent or retired, or buying a home or getting yourself out of debt. We will also get a financial adviser who can help you safeguard your family and your finances if there is an emergency.

Our planners are award-winning and help you to have that clarity of purpose given the current, past and future state of the economy and world.

We knew of one client who between the two of them had five jobs. Graham, 26 was in nuclear medicine and Kim, 24 was a teacher during the day. At night, he had a job at Coles and she tutored science. He had a fifth job coaching sport on Saturdays and some Sundays. They had no life.

Every day we set goals, like what reality show we are going to watch, or when we get on social media but we rearely think about the things that matter most- Family and our finances. We need to plan but implement and evaluate plans in order to achieve our goals and make sure we are on track. Financial planning helps to identify where you’re at and finds potential holes and opportunities that will help us have the life we deserve or want.

If not now when will you see a Newcastle Financial Planner?

In preparation for meeting a financial adviser, we suggest you write heaps of notes. This should include what investments you have and who your super is with? What is your goal amount to retire on and how do you want to build wealth? As well as the important question, how to protect it and ensure it continues to grow. You should look at the different stages of your life and future into retirement.

without hold back or being positive, where you are financially right now? If you have too much credit card debt, write it down. If the money runs out before the month does, write it down. Be honest and real with yourself.

We can guarantee you with 100% certainty we know financial planners and we know a bad one from a good one. We don’t  know your profession as well as you do. For example, we don’t know how to do open heart surgery or to change an electrical switch board. If you don’t know how to choose a good financial planner, let us do the work for you. We can take the “hack work” out of doing something you don’t like doing or don’t want to do.

The way our financial planners get rewarded is not financially by us, but by providing you amazing service. The more positive feedback they receive, the more likely we are to provide them with clients. So it’s in their best interest to help you and blow you away with their amazing service and professional ability.

All financial planners must have a minimum experience and ability and must be part of an association like the FPA. In this way, we are able to check if they have been banned by their association. We check their ABN/ ACN, and check their name for complaints and legal issues.

We are not associated with any bank or financial advice company and we are not authorised representatives of any company. As a result, we will refer a financial planner based on your needs. When the happens, this is a recommendation you can truly trust.

We have hundreds of financial advisers available to assist you now and this means you won’t have to travel far. If you are in a community/ regional area like Windsor, Hawkesbury or Springvale for example, you will be dealing with someone close to you, who you are more likely to trust.

If the advice and recommendations provided will not leave you in a better financial position if implemented, we will refund the cost your financial advisor charges you to complete the written advice (which is called a Statement Of Advice.) You need to check out the terms and conditions for further details however we will liaise with the financial planner on your behalf should you need any assistance.

You may not need us but know of someone who does need a financial planner

If you have a family member, friend, neighbor, business associate or partner who needs some financial help and wants to create wealth options, why not refer them to us.

If they are not local to you this is not a problem either. We are in all areas like BrisbaneMelbourne, AdelaideCanberra and Perth and have someone local who can help them today.

You will also get a $20.00 voucher for your trouble and go into the draw for an iPad Mini. We have four to give away every month, so you have a great chance to win.

You can send the form here.

Our parting comments before you fill in the 2 minute form.

The bureau of statistics published some statistics back in 2012 which advised that only 6% of people will either retire financially free or stable. The rest will be either partially or fully reliant on the government. This is a classic case of the saying: you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. We hope we have inspired you to “get thirsty” and make an appointment now with one of our experienced and successful financial planners.