Financial Planner Profile

Name: Tim Kay

Association of Financial Advisers – AFA
Chartered Life Practitioner – ChLP

Diploma of Financial Planning – DFP

Life is a gamble and things don’t always go to plan. If something was to happen to you and you could no longer work to produce an ongoing income or provide for your family, I make sure that right solutions with all the appropriate benefits are in place to protect all that you have worked for and care about.

Leveraging my decades of experience in the financial services industry, I know how to precisely work out what you need, and how to tailor a solution that fits. I will assess your situation and look for exposures, review your existing cover and look for the most appropriate solutions to make the cover affordable. In the event of a claim, I will ensure that you get paid sooner and that the right money goes to the right people at the right time.

I live and breathe risk and have the specialised knowledge required to find the best cover for you and your family.

Our First meeting:
Few things have the potential to shape our lives like money, and few are more personal. Your earning, spending, saving, and investing plans are as unique as you are.

We believe in the importance of investing the time to understand you and your unique financial goals.
It may be a new house, a secure retirement, or the flexibility to work less – or something entirely different.
With your vision clearly defined, we’ll build a personal financial plan to get you there. A unique strategy and plan that genuinely reflects you.

Why choose us:
We look after the health, wealth and wellbeing of almost 1 million Australians. We know that great financial advice transforms lives – it provides people with clarity, control, choice and dignity. We understand each client as an individual, what money means to them, their goals and desired future. We believe it is important to coach and educate our clients to empower their decision making.

Financial security is a fundamental plank in your Wellbeing platform and by providing Australians with solid financial advice, we help people thrive.

Financial Planning Services:

  • Financial Risk
  • Strategic Financial Planning
  • Financial Advisory
  • Pensions


  • Wealth
  • Retirement Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Life Insurance