Financial Planner Profile

Name: Susie Erratt


Susie has been helping families, managers and business owners with their personal financial planning needs since 2001. Over that time she’s worked with many clients from different backgrounds and has as a result, worked on many different financial planning challenges. Today this experience makes Susie a trusted source of advice to her clients. She helps clients reach their goals reliably and consistently through well researched advice and effective implementation.

Susie left the financial planning partnership she was with to start her own practice – Advanced Financial Planning Solutions.

“It’s true that I’ve worked with many kinds of clients, but the conclusion for myself that I’ve come to is that financial planning just shouldn’t be for the ultra rich. You can in fact make more of a difference to the life of a family or a business owner than you can with those kinds of clients. That’s what I want to do with my knowledge and time. I want to make a positive difference to real people’s lives by providing them with really good financial planning advice. That’s why I felt I had to launch Advanced Financial Planning Solutions”, says Susie.

Susie’s expertise extends over a number of financial planning areas that affect families, managers and business owners. This expertise includes Debt and mortgage reduction advice, Saving and investment advice, Family insurance protection advice, Superannuation and retirement advice, and Estate planning advice.

Susie holds the Certified Financial Planner®, which is the highest designation for financial planners in Australia and worldwide. Susie also completed a Diploma of Financial Planning and a Master of Financial Planning, Finances and Financial Management Services. Susie is also active in the financial planning profession too, being the FPA Chapter Chair in Darwin since 2011.

Despite holding these qualifications and experiences, Susie remains very down to earth and takes a genuinely caring interest in helping her clients sort out and then make the most of their financial lives. Susie was a client herself before becoming a financial planner. At the time she was working casually in her first career as a registered nurse and she and her husband had 2 small children. Like all young families, money was very very tight. If you’re looking for caring, experienced and qualified financial planner to help you build a family financial plan, or a trusted adviser for your business; then Susie looks forward to meeting you.

Financial Planning Services:

  • Debt and Mortgage Reduction Advice
  • Saving and Investment Advice
  • Family Insurance Protection Advice


  • Business Insurance Protection Advice
  • Superannuation and Retirement Advice
  • Estate Planning Advice