Financial Planner Profile

Name: Sharon Lilley


In 1999, after many years in business lending I was looking for a new challenge, something that could provide me with a way to help people and be fulfilling for me as well. This led me to Financial Planning and I started as a junior adviser 20 years ago.

Sixteen of my last seventeen years was as a Senior Financial Planner with ANZ Financial Planning until starting my own business last year, RI Advice Group is my licensee. This has given me far greater freedom to provide quality advice and delivery in a way that I feel clients are looking for.
Understanding clients and translating what they need into an advice strategy is an interesting and rewarding part of my job. I believe it is important to put the client first and always be collaborative in my approach.

I have many longstanding relationships with clients and I feel that they benefit greatly from ongoing advice and mentoring to help them achieve their goals.
I pride myself in providing professional services with integrity and honesty. With tailored advice to suit an individual client’s circumstances, needs and goals as no 2 clients are the same.

My experience and education has lead me over the years to be highly competent in areas of advice like:

  • Wealth creation
  • Retirement and centrelink strategies
  • Superannuation and the use of this as a retirement vehicle.
  • Tax effective investing to help create wealth
  • Protecting your growing wealth and your individual financial position
  • Considerations for Estate Planning and the highly complex Aged Care area.

I completed my first formal qualification in 2002 and since then have done various specialist courses ( like Self Managed Super Funds and Margin Lending/Gearing). Professional development is continual and I am currently working towards a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning.
I am a member of the Financial Planning Association and registered with the Tax Board.

Financial Planning Services:

  • Retirement and centrelink strategies
  • Wealth creation
  • Superannuation


  • Estate Planning
  • Protecting your growing wealth
  • Tax effective investing to help create wealth