Refinement Of The Customer Service Departments Decision Making Matrix2019-06-03T04:34:18+11:00

Refinement Of The Customer Service Departments Decision Making Matrix

We love feedback from our subscribers and while less than 1/3 of all people who contact us looking for help from a qualified local Financial Planner we have had some consistent feedback from our subscribers that we have just implemented to further refine the decision-making matrix our Customer Services team use to verify and set an appointment with a subscribing Financial Planner.

Keep the feedback coming to us as we believe in the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen – Constant And Never Ending Improvement.

If you have any suggestions we would love to hear from you, just contact your new Account Manager Genalyn who can be contacted on 1800 713 732 from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday or via email [email protected]

If you know a Financial Planner who might benefit from our service that are based in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra or Perth please refer them to as we are currently at capacity in the rest of the country but have limited availability in those 4 cities within 50km of the CBD

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