Financial Planner Profile

Name: Ralph Czichon

Qualifications: Kaplan Professional
TASA and the TPB Code of  Professional Conduct
Diploma of Financial Services Financial Planning and Services 

I love numbers, facts and figures and it was no suprise that I studied to be an accountant in 1986 at North Sydney College.

I took out my first AMP Policy in 1989 and working closely with my Financial Planner at the time I quickly realised what I enjoyed the most was to help clients plan for their future by anticipating various life events and challenges in general.

Most importantly I help you keep calm and continue to follow the path of appropriate behaviour in times of market uncertainty caused by extreme irrational exuberant and pessimism.

I well aware that you have a choice when selecting a partner in guiding you to even higher financial success and our experience is your security that you won’t fall prey to clever advertising, latest Fad’s and dubious product innovations.

I have been there and done it not only as a adviser to my clients but also as market particpant/consumer so I know how it feels, what to do and what not to do.

Simply getting started is sometimes the hardest thing to do and keep in mind that planning to make a plan is not a plan nor is hope a strategy.

Why not contact us to get the ball rolling, find out more or a second opinion if you unsure about advice you have received elsewhere.

Financial Planning Services:

  • Maintaining income during market uncertainty
  • Investment Choice Optimisation
  • Outcome & Goal based Portfolio Construction
  • Managing the transition from Pre-Retirement to Post-Retirement


  • Providing long term affordable Risk Insurance Solutions
  • Superannuation consolidation
  • Winding up SMSF