Financial Planner Profile

Name: Michael Fong

Qualifications: Financial Planners Association (FPA)
Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Financial Planning and Services

The National Finance Institute
Certificate IV Mortgage Broking

EQ Financial Pty Ltd
General Manager

As the General Manager at EQ Financial, my role is to educate others, empower them with the right tools and build them a game plan to help them reach their end goal. I specialise in delivering high-quality investment, risk, and retirement planning advice to people from all walks of life.
I am frequently described as a quiet achiever, but on the inside, I am anxious to meet new faces and build long lasting business relationships.

I believe that many Australians require help from a Financial Adviser but few often speak up and are understood in a world that is constantly changing and developing. As a part of my ongoing relationships, I guarantee to be open, honest and deliver the best advice possible in a transparent and uncomplicated manner.

Clients should expect to sit down for a friendly chat and conversation about their needs and personal goals. We will go through our process & services and get to know the clients. By the end of the meeting, we will have determined in what capacity we are able to help the clients and book a strategy meeting.

We offer a holistic service where clients can have their financial lives under one roof. We are experts across many different universes and are able to tailor our offering based on a client’s specific personal and financial needs.

A good relationship is built on trust and loyalty and I follow this mantra everywhere I go. Helping people is my main passion and has led me down the path to where I am today.

I found my calling in Financial Planning and it has allowed me to enlighten others and assist them with fulfilling their personal and financial endeavours in life. Honestly, Integrity and Diligence are essential in forming the foundation of a relationship and my clients receive nothing less.

One other passion of mine is snow sports and tennis. Rarely is an opportunity passed to chase the winter and seek out the best runs of the season or simply enjoy a friendly set or two during the week.

Financial Planning Services:

  • Wealth Creation
  • Risk Management
  • Investments
  • Investments Administration


  • Super and SMSF
  • Finance Arranging and Broking
  • Tax and Accounting
  • Estate Planning