Financial Planner Profile

Name: Jackson Millan

Qualifications: MBA (Fin), AchFP, ADFP

About Jackson

Jackson, also known as The Wealth Mentor, has spent the last 10 years shaking up the wealth industry and proving what a real wealth coach and strategic adviser should do. Having crafted his own ‘Values Based Advice’ model, Jackson has worked to shift control back into the hands of the people when it comes to working towards achieving financial freedom.

Jackson is an International best selling author in 8 countries and has personally coached over 1,000 clients towards their goals and objectives and aims to change the lives of thousands more over the years ahead.

Over the last 10 years I have been working in a wide range of wealth businesses ranging from big banks to boutique advice businesses as both a consultant and owner. The common problem with these businesses is their alignment with big financial institutions which pressure their advisers to push aligned products on their clients and offer low value, transactional services.

I wanted to create an industry first revolutionary engagement model that aims to put the client at the center of everything and empower them to define their goals, create a bespoke wealth journey for them and hold them accountable to the journey through coaching, advice and accountability supported by an expert team.

Achievements includes;

  • International best selling author in 8 countries,
  • Winner of adviser of the year 2016,
  • Winner of branch of the year 2016,
  • Finalist entrepreneur and thought leader of the year 2018,
  • Featured regularly on TV and Media

Why us

Our value proposition revolves around simplifying the language of money and working with you as a coach and mentor in pursuit of financial freedom. In our experience, this collaborative approach provides our clients with peace of mind and certainty and has allowed us to help thousands of people globally. We believe in what we do 100% and because of this, we offer all of our clients a money back guarantee.

Financial Planning Services:

  • Wealth Education
  • Strategic Advice
  • Accounting and Tax
  • Lending Personal Business
  • Property advise
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Virtual CFO


  • Structures and Tax Advisory
  • Coaching and Accountability
  • Risk and Insurance
  • Estate Planning And Commercial
  • Retirement Planning
  • Future Generation Planning
  • Wealth Management