If you have ever purchased any type of vehicle, chances are that you would have had a challenging time trying to choose the right one to buy. Although the concept of money personality has not been around for too long as yet, the aspects it takes into consideration and examines have been in existence since money first came about.

Your money personality is an indicator of what you will be most likely to look at, and how likely it will be for you to make a decision regarding financial matters. It is applicable to the trivial as well as the more important aspects, regardless of whether it involves buying a chocolate bar, a vehicle or even a house. It is also applicable to spending, saving and investing habits.

Below are examples of how some people think when purchasing cars. In many cases, their personality traits can be categorized according to various animals:

  1. Dolphins have this way of thinking
  • Who manufactured this vehicle? I won’t buy it if child labour or other unfair working conditions were used during manufacturing
  • This vehicle will be a representation of who I am
  • I am not overly concerned about cars. I usually feel bad about the amount of pollution they cause, so I may rather decide to buy a bicycle
  1. Labradors think this way
  • My Mom or Dad had one of these cars and they said it was good value for money
  • This vehicle is decent value because it has a good safety rating and is light on fuel
  • This car will have a good resale value
  • We have been working hard, so we have earned this car
  • So many people have this model vehicle, so it must be a good buy
  1. Monkeys tend to have these thoughts
  • This car is ultra-mod. It looks awesome so I will look even better when driving it
  • I like this vehicle and I’m sure I’ll be able to make a plan to pay for it
  • It’s been at least a few years now, so it’s about time I bought another vehicle
  • I’ll only buy this car if you add a GPS and radio
  1. Owls tend to think somewhat differently
  • I have chatted with several drivers of this type of vehicle, as well as mechanics who have worked on them and all of them have said it is a good buy
  • I have performed extensive research on this range of cars, including doing a cost analysis with regards to servicing and maintenance, and this is a good choice
  • A limited number of these cars have been produced so I think it might help increase resale value, and the potential tax advantages I can use means that I should get most of my money back if I sell it someday

Most people have been found to have a preferred manner of thinking and making their final decision when the time comes to purchase a vehicle. In fact, the same methodology applies when people make various other buying decisions as well – and being able to understand how other people think, is the main component of Money Personality.

As the time draws closer to one of the biggest gift-giving seasons of the year, it is essential that you keep in mind the various Money Personality preferences for anyone that you are going to be buying substantial gifts for. The more your choice of gift aligns with their specific preferences, the more they will appreciate and treasure their gift.