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Find a Financial Planner or Advisor in Australia

Congratulations on taking steps to change your financial future. At the moment 90% of people in Australia are competing for 10% of all the wealth out there, yet 10%, the wealthiest in the world have 90% of all the wealth! Does this make a lot of sense to you?

So what’s the difference? It is the information and financial advice we have been given, our financial education. This is the reason we have developed this site. To be able to access the best financial planners in Australia who can give advice which can help you achieve your financial goals.
So what are your financial goals? Maybe your goal isn’t to be one of the top 10% richest people in the world. However not relying on a job, would be a good start. There is no problem with a job, but anyone who has been redundant of worked for a company that is not around anymore would tell you, a job is not safe and secure anymore. If you’re under 30, do you really see yourself working until your 70-75? If the answer is no or you want options besides a job or the government pension then fill in our two minute form

Why use this site to access your financial planner

That’s an easy question to answer when you the reasons people get divorce or have bad health like anxiety or stress. The number one reason people get divorce is money. What causes most financial stress is not knowing the way to get yourself out of a financial hole.
Maybe this doesn’t apply to you and you are a tradie or a medical specialist, a lawyer or a highly skilled professional and don’t have time, to look into 10 financial planners to make a decision of which one suits you best.
Trust is a big problem as well. How can you trust a financial planner to take care of your money or financial wellbeing, moreover do the right thing by you? But finding the right financial is not as easy as many people expect. Your friend’s financial planner may not suit you, just like your friend’s plumber may not suit you. There could be distance and location problems, skill problems- your need a plumber to fix a roof, yet your friend only knows a plumber that does air conditioning, there could be a personality problem- you don’t get along and the list goes on and on.
Why not give it a go. Check us out and if you’re not truly impressed, let us know. Fill in our two minute form now. It’s our reputation on the line

What do you want from your financial adviser?

All the financial advisors have been given a rating by the people like you and we also do random feedback calls on the clients to see how they found the experience. We will not refer you to a financial planner that isn’t loved by his clients.
Finding the financial planner can be tricky and you do not have to do it by yourself. Let us find a financial planner for you today. All you need to do is fill in our 2 minute form and enter minimum details and tell us when you want to meet your financial adviser and we will do the rest. It is that easy!
We would also suggest you wouldn’t have come to this site or fill in the form without thinking out what you want from life. What do you want to be, do and become? The problem is thinking big, dream and think of endless possibilities has mentally and sometimes physically been beat out of you! True or true?
So here is some questions for you:

  1. Where do you want to live in 1, 3 and 10 years?
  2. Do you want to travel? Where, for how long?
  3. When do you next want to travel?
  4. Was sort of car do you want to drive?
  5. What sort of income do you want to have in 1, 3 or 10 years?
  6. What will prevent you from achieving your dreams and goals?

Our Financial Advisors are not just about investing or life insurance

As you must know, financial planning is not just about investing or life insurance. That is only a small portion of your financial goals. Our financial planners can offer you the basics but want to look at the whole financial situation. A doctor wouldn’t look at a cough in isolation when diagnosing.

Our financial advisers will give you a financial plan that covers sound advice on:

  • insurance
  • estate planning
  • debt management
  • retirement planning and transitioning to retirement
  • aged care and aged pension
  • investing
  • financial strategies to reduce tax
  • funding your children’s education
  • saving up to buying a home
  • Or starting a business
  • If you love giving to charity

Your goals should have target dates, and should be regularly updated. Within your life time your situation is going to change and so should your goals. We would suggest as a bare minimum reviewing your finances on a year basis. A good financial planner should be able to do all these by understanding your goals and helping you reach them through most efficient ways. Your relationship with your financial planner should be a comfortable one, in which you can ask all the questions and get the honest answers.

If you want the honest answers and want a financial planner who can do it all, fill in our form. It’s our reputation on the line.

So how much do you have to invest to use our site?

There is no cost to you to use our site. The only thing we ask of you is to only fill in our enquiry form if you are genuinely interested in changing your financial lifestyle for the better. We get paid by the financial planners.
We are not affiliated with a bank, credit union, advice businesses (some of these are owned by the banks anyway) or to one financial planner. They are all charged in the same manner and we don’t give special privileges to one financial planner because they access more of our leads.

We will give more leads to financial planners who show they have integrity, honesty, have provided consistently amazing customer service, shown great results with their clients (although past results don’t guarantee future results) and are backed by an association they require them to maintain a minimum standards like the FPA.
Advice that is truly independent is advice you can rely on and trust. If you want to see, what we can do for you, fill in our two minute form. It’s our reputation on the line.

What should you expect from your financial adviser by using this site?

The first thing you should expect is your financial planner to immediately give you comfort you have made the right decision. If you don’t get that feeling let us know and we will allocate you a noter financial planner.
Meet face to face
A financial planner will need to meet you face to face. They are unable to give you advice verbally and over the phone. The advice they give is through a document called a statement of advice. They don’t need to meet you in your home, however this is the best place for you to feel most comfortable. They are happy to meet at your work place or a café, however with almost 100% certainty if they meet you at a place other than your home, you will not be able to utilise their services to their maximum.
Have all people involved in your financial plan
They next thing a financial planner will ask is to meet you with anyone else who is involved in the decision. Of course this could be your significant other, partner, business associate or family. We ask you make sure when you indicate the time you would like to meet on the two minute form, to make sure this suits your significant other/ business partner etc. The average Australian works for 50 hours on average, the last thing we want for you, is for there to be unnecessary meetings or double ups. We want to respect your time and we hope you would respect the financial advisors’ time as well.
A phone call before your meeting
You can let us know the date and time you would like to meet before meeting them. Generally good financial planners will want to phone you up initially to make sure you are ready and prepared to meet them. You can use this opportunity to pre-qualify them that they are the right financial planner for you. They will also want to make sure they don’t waste your time and have a meeting for meeting sake. The will go through in more detail what information to have ready for the meeting. This would include:

  • Superannuation statements
  • Insurance documents like life and income replacement policies
  • Investments and savings statements
  • Your goals and dreams
  • Mortgage and loan documents
  • Your assets and liabilities
  • Wills and Power of Attorneys if applicable.

They will ask you some questions like what you are looking to get out of meeting them and if you have a job. They just want to make sure they are going to add value.

Pre meeting communication

Generally good financial planners will send you some sort of communication pre meeting to prepare you for it. Some may even send you a video introducing them and what to expect. Either way this further re-enforced what they have said.

You’re in control

This is your site and we want this to work for you and your friends. We ask if you love this site tell you friends. If you don’t love this site tell us in the contact form above.
If you refer a friend and they meet a financial advisor we will give you $20 Coles Myer voucher and you’ll go into the draw for an iPad mini just for wanting to meet a financial planner
We would love your feedback on the information contained and how easy this site is to navigate. If there is anything we can do better let us know. We wish you luck and remember after you have seen your financial advisor, let us know how you went. It’s our reputation on the line.