Financial Planner Profile

Name: Edo Catak

Qualifications: Bachelor of Commerce (Economics Major),
Diploma of Financial Planning, SMSF accreditation,
Margin Lending Accreditation, Current enrolment in Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning.

About me: I have naturalised into the role of a financial adviser after working in a boutique financial advisory firm to becoming a client services manager and a second in charge to the principal adviser. Furthermore, I have extensively worked with a big 4 accountancy firm in performing remediation and advice review auditing and providing consultancy reports surrounding financial advice given to clients. Naturally, becoming a principal adviser in my own practice was logical and allowed to me to manage clients end-to-end and ensure they are not moved from person to person. Essentially, my goal is to be there long-term for the client. Even if there is no ongoing advice applicable I am always there to take calls/questions and help them in any further way possible. For me, financial advice extends to life in general and having those conversations made easier for clients is my objective as an adviser.

Our first meeting:
Clients can expect to have an in-depth, judgement free professional conversation with myself about all aspects of their finances holistically and life in general. Clients can expect a warm nurtured approach and someone who will listen to them and also ensure that I am informative/educative to help engage them as much as possible in the process. It is important to me that no stone is left unturned and the client feels fully comfortable in raising any concerns and that they have someone who genuinely is passionate in the finance world and cares for customer service.

Required Documents:
Most recent superannuation statements, investment statements, insurance policies, loan statements, tax information.

Why choose me:
My service and approach is always customer centred with genuine care expressed towards the client. My whole service begins and ends with the client and them achieving all their goals and having a good relationship with myself. As our licensee is locally owned I have no underlying pressures to select certain products and give my clients full freedom in knowing that we are free from bias in choosing an appropriate product selection for them. Further with experience in what advice should not look like, I have gained immense experience and perspective from the shoes of the client. I genuinely go above and beyond in tailoring products for each client. I generally research more than the prescribed minimum to ensure no potential products are missed and perform preliminary research on all pieces of advice.

More about me:
I am an overall family man, enjoy a range of sports, culinary arts, literature, philosophy and adventure.

Financial Planning Services:

  • Superannuation
  • Retirement
  • Business solutions
  • Risk insurance
  • Saving for that special something
  • Managing your debt


  • Purchasing property
  • Estate planning
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Taking a redundancy
  • Inheritance
  • Family matters