Financial Planner Profile

Chris Lau- CFP

Senior Financial Planner-Life Span Financial Planner

I Have been in the financial advice industry for over 10 years. I am a Certified Financial Planner with the highest designation in financial planning and a commitment to the highest standards. I completed a Self Managed Super fund course and I have also completed a Diploma in Mortgage Broking and practice as a mortgage specialist for my clients too.
I have a young family with two little girls. I am originally from South Africa and outside of my family and enjoy spending time with friends and I love everything to do with sports. At the moment I play tennis, squash, table tennis, badminton and golf.


  • Certified Financial Planner.
  • Certified Financial Planner – Financial Planning Association (FPA)
  •  Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning – Integrity Education Group.
  • Diploma of Mortgage Broking – Kaplan.
  • Diploma of Financial Planning – The Australian Institute of Financial Services and Accounting (AIFA).
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Finance & Economics).
  • University of Witwatersrand (South Africa).

I educate and empower clients to make smart decisions with their money. Working closely with clients, I ensure that they understand and are involved in the financial planning process. By keeping things simple and straightforward provides my clients with confidence and certainty that they will achieve the financial security they desire.

Why Me versus Other Financial Planners?

I had an upbringing with financial challenges and I felt firsthand the different challenges this brings not only to the way you experience life but how it can shape you as a person. I was lucky enough to have an education and my purpose is to try to help as many people and families as I can to be financially secure so they can live the life they want to live.

Core values

  1. Always client first – Putting the client first is in my DNA. I place great importance on being responsive and connected to my clients.
  2. Empathy & understanding – I take the time to listen, understand and empathise with my clients.
  3. Strong connection – Having a transparent, trusting and respectful relationship with my clients.

What to Expect When We First Meet

The financial planning process is a journey and because of this, there is huge importance on both sides to being comfortable with each other. You the client need to feel confident that we can work together and that you can trust me and I as the adviser have to feel like I can add value. So in our first meeting, it really is about getting to know each other’s background and story.

We will then discuss the various areas of your financial life to determine what you want to be addressed.

I will also ensure that you are fully aware of my experience, services, and who Lifespan Financial Planning are, discuss the financial advice process and answer any other questions that you may have.

Working with me you can expect:

  1. Understanding you and your goals is crucial as all my advice will be to work towards achieving your goals
  2. It is all about the strategy and not a product
  3. Financial education and empowerment

What to bring to the meeting:

You don’t have to bring anything but in preparation for the first meeting I want you to:
1. Read my Financial Services Guide
2. Read my Adviser profile
3. Sign acknowledgement of receipt of the above two documents
4. Complete the 5-minute financial health check (Ref Below)
5. Complete a ‘Goals’ questionnaire
6. Complete an ‘About You’ questionnaire

All financial documents, personal details and other supporting material will be collected later but the above exercises are an initial step to gathering information so our conversation will be a fruitful one and most productive.

Please also bring:

 Your latest tax return
 Bank statements
 Investment statements (including share statements)
 Superannuation statements
 Details of insurance policies
 Details of Wills & Power of Attorneys’

Describe your role and how you fit into the team

I see myself and my team as your GP in finance. I will have oversight of all your financial affairs and manage everything possible but if it does not fit within my expertise like Accounting, Legal or Property then we would refer to independent professionals.

Below is a good summary of how my role has been to support my clients in life and throughout all the various life events.

“It is important that we work in a positive, open, friendly, professional environment. This will in turn flow through to our clients. I do believe our core values at Life Span are but are not limited to honesty, accountability, respect, caring, reliability, integrity, commitment, loyalty and drive.”

Financial Planning Services:

  • Personal Superannuation advice
  • Self Managed Super Funds
  • Wealth Management & Non-Super Investment advice
  • Personal Protection (Life, Total & Permanent Disablement, Trauma & Income Protection covers)
  • Business Life Insurance (Key Person, Business Expenses, Buy/Sell)
  • Taking a redundancy
  • Inheritance
  • Family matters


  • Gearing advice through Margin Lending strategies
  • Debt Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Pre Retirement and Retirement Planning
  • Centrelink Benefit Strategies
  • Estate planning
  • Relationship breakdown