Financial Planner Profile

Name: Bruce Davis
Bruce’s academic qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Commerce degree in accounting, finance, and systems;
  • Diploma in Property and a licensed real estate agent for over a decade;
  • Diploma in Financial Markets and Securities Dealer’s Licence 9 years (AFSL equivalent);
  • Advanced Diploma and Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning);
  • Numerous related courses from Self Managed Super Funds to Margin Lending;
  • Bruce has finished the complete Certified Financial Planner (CFP) course and is awaiting his certification in November 2018. Many regard this course as the world’s premier financial planning qualification;
  • Bruce has invested over $80,000 on additional education and his personal development above and beyond the above.

Bruce has acquired expertise and wisdom in a variety of domains including as an- accountant, financial planner, real estate expert, author, public speaker, a property developer, business owner, and entrepreneur. Some of Bruce’s pracademic achievements include:

  • Inspiring tens of thousands of ordinary Australians to build Billions of dollars in personal wealth through his books, seminars and consulting;
  • Developing well over $100 million in real estate personally (in today’s dollars);
  • Commencing 2 charities to assist young people to do more with their lives;
  • Forming many companies and joint venturing from public companies to individuals;
  • Being a mentor and adviser to his clients.

Bruce is the Responsible Manager and founder of his own Australian Financial Services Licenced (AFSL) company, Wise Investment Advisers Pty Ltd AFSL 473981 (Wise Investment Advisers- business name). He is a Fellow of the Certified Practicing Accountants (FCPA) of Australia and is recognised as a Financial Planning Specialist (FPA) with CPA Australia. He is an associate with the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) and soon to become a Certified Financial Planner.

Bruce is both inspirational and practical. He sold over 35,000 of his first book ‘How to Build Riches’.
Bruce realises that every sane person wants to make more money, but that we all have different tolerances to risk and therefore a different path to get there.

Bruce prides himself on his integrity and has founded two charities. He is selective about his staff, associates and clients. You can expect complete honesty, transparency, and integrity.

Bruce is different from most financial planners in that he is working out plans for each client to protect their investments from major market downturns. His second book ‘Invest Wisely and Grow Rich’ has numerous strategies as to how to do just that. He is keen to work out a personal plan for each person in a way that works best for them.

The world has incredible investment opportunities. Australia is one of the most regulated and best places to invest in funds. However, the majority of the largest growth industries and companies are not Australian. We can, however, invest in these companies and industries through highly regulated and transparent Australian managed funds. Very few people have the passion and determination of Bruce in identifying and structuring investments for both small and large investors.

Bruce also educates his clients on the best way to obtain personal insurance protection. He makes the complex world of insurance fairly simple and structures your insurance needs to your budget. This can be both inside and outside of superannuation to help you get the best tax result as well as assisting you to achieve all of your financial goals.

In order to work out the best plan for you, Bruce requires you to provide him with your up to date investments and insurances. That way he can honestly tell you if he can get you a better result.

Bruce cannot give you the best result with partial or out of date financial information.
ASIC and the Corporations Act require all financial planners to have a “reasonable basis” for giving advice and to collect sufficient information before giving any financial advice. This includes:

  • Current superannuation balance and investment options. A call to your current super provider can get this easily. Many are open after hours. Make sure all of your contact details are correct when you call them. You may also ask them to give you online access for the future.
  • Current personal insurance amounts (life, disability, income and critical illness covers) as well as terms, i.e. level or stepped, decreasing or indexed etc.
  • Information on all loans and mortgages and interest rates. Getting this right can save you money and position you for your next prudent investment.
  • A good idea of what your goals and outcomes are so he can assist you to achieve them.
  • A fairly good idea of your budget and how much money can be saved or invested. He can introduce you to people who can assist you in this area if you want such help.

Your information is totally yours and Bruce will return it all at any time. We have exceptional cyber security and treat your information with the utmost care.

Bruce has more personal investment experience and educational qualifications than over 95% of other financial planners.
Having invested in over a million dollars of real estate and obtaining loans of tens of millions of dollars he has the track record and experience to help you optimise your investments.

Bruce has held an Australian Financial Services Licence (and equivalent) for well over a decade. Less than one in twenty other financial planners have done this.

Very few have qualifications in accounting, financial planning, and real estate. All have their place in assisting you to best achieve your goals.
Bruce has a passionate distain for those who rip off their clients into dodgy real estate deals. He will never do this and has had to help hundreds of victims of these clubs and scams.

If you want someone who can assist you to learn how to make better investment decisions over time, then Bruce prides himself on doing that for his clients.

He is a self-made man. He:

  • earned his place in one of the best selective high schools in the country;
  • put himself through university through working multiple jobs;
  • being a self-made millionaire in his 30’s and assisting hundreds of others to become millionaires as readers, seminar attendees and clients;
  • is a very proud father and loving husband;
  • has a very spoiled dog;
  • is passionate about health and has a fitness age in his 20’s;
  • loves to inspire people to achieve more with their lives and be better partners

If you want to retire richer and be excited and inspired by opportunities then you will want to meet Bruce S. Davis. Download chapter 1 of his last book ‘Invest Wisely and Grow Rich’. It is an easy chapter to read. Then meet the author and make it happen.

Bruce is proud to also be:

A loving father and partner;
Involved in philanthropic endeavors as time permits;
A black belt karate instructor and passionate about health;
A lifelong learner who shares his wisdom with others.