Welcome financial planner and advisors.

We are pleased to provide you a site you can use to help grow your business.

The technology behind this site will provide you an opportunity to access good quality leads and not be charged the earth to get them. One of the biggest problems about using other sources to generate business is there are no guarantees you are talking to client that is really interested in using your services. This is where this site is different.

We guarantee that you will have a potential client who is interested in meeting a financial planner. But more of that later….

Let Us Find the Right Client For You

Are you the right financial planner for our clients?

How long have you been a financial planner? Are you a financial planner that has been in the industry for more than 3 years or have you been in the industry for one year repeated again and again. What kind of education do you undertake to stay ahead of the rest. We are looking for financial planners that do more than just the minimum CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points. As most financial planners are aware with current articles in the media we can’t afford to have poorly qualified financial advisors creating a bad reputation for our site. So here are some things to think about when choosing to access leads from our site:

What are your clients saying about you?

We had one client of a financial planner say in the seven years he had been a client the only time he heard from his financial planner was when he wanted to sell him a new product. I think we all agree this is unacceptable. This financial planner earnt a large some of money each year from this client but yet hadn’t done the simple thing and maintain the relationship. Most financial planners think that this is a no brainer and you should have a review quarterly, six monthly or yearly. The fact is some financial planners run out of time and aren’t in regular contact with their clients.

One of the strategies we implement, to make sure clients who use this site are kept in regular contact, is to get feedback from them. We want to make sure they are given amazing service.

If your client goes on this site and give positive feedback about you, we will get an extra financial planning lead for free.

Do you research the recommendations you make to your clients?

Sounds obvious right? We have heard some financial planners offer the same product to every client because this is what they know or what they think is best for all clients, but is it?

We only want to refer clients to you when you have done the right thing and what is best for your clients (best interest). As part of referring clients to you, we will ask what you do to keep abreast of changes in the industry. Besides the minimum CPD points, we would expect more from a good financial planner. After all, the thing that separates the ordinary financial planner from the extra ordinary is that little bit “extra”. We would hope you would attend extra seminars, get training off your product/financial service BDMs, and do more reading etc. We would hope that this would give you the winning edge and give us the confidence to refer clients to you. After all this sort of additional education would allow you to provide well educated recommendations for your client and give this site and you a winning reputation.

Be timely in touching base with your clients

Another obvious one is to provide amazing service and get back to your clients in a timely manner. If we give you a lead we have the expectation that the client will be contacted within 1 -2 business days. This would be the minimum expectation and hope the client is contacted as soon as physically possible. Some of our financial planners actually make contact 5-10 minutes after receiving the lead. We are proud to give these financial planners who contact clients within 1-2 business days more leads because of the amazing service they give their clients.

How quickly do you follow up with your clients? We would expect if you promise your client you will get back to them, you would do so in a timely manner. Besides breaking a promise and providing bad service, it could also mean you loose the opportunity to help a client. You will loose trust, credibility and competency with your client if this happens. We would want to limit our exposure to financial planners who treat their clients this way.

What if you receive a poor quality referral or lead?

The first question we ask is, is the potential client saying no for now, or no and never. The timing has to be right for some people. A number of factors can stop a client from proceeding. Some of the reasons are listed below:

Don’t have money

Money might be a factor especially if there are some bad spending behaviours. This is exactly hey this person may need your help. With some discipline and a financial coach, this can be turned around.

Don’t have time

Some people who initially seem to be interested in meeting may put this as a lower priority. Their values and minds have changed. As a financial planner we would suggest explaining the benefits in meeting you again and providing encouragement and support.

Don’t see any value or don’t see the need

Like the suggestions above, it may be important you explain how you may be able to improve their financial situation or help them by explaining how you add value.

The bottom line is this, if you receive a lead with a wrong email address, phone number or if you’ve called the potential client within a business day of receiving the lead and they don’t want to meet anymore, we will give you another lead for free no questions ask. Check our terms and conditions for full details.

Obviously We will call this client and find out why they filled in the form and why they have changed their mind regarding improving their finances.This will help us give you better leads.

So why use this site?

Steady stream of leads

We have optimised this site to suit you. You let us know how many leads you want in a month and we will give you leads to suit. We can even ensure you don’t get too many leads in any particular week. The last thing we want is leads sitting there that could have been given to another financial planner but we’re not provided amazing service. This will not help you.

Feedback on quality of the leads.

This is your site and we want help you have a successful and great financial year. We need your help though by giving us feedback on:

  • The content of the site
  • The quality of leads
  • The information available for you and your clients

Is it critical to the amount of leads and business we can create for you. So you are welcome and strongly encouraged to provide information which willmake this site and your experience more lucrative.

Investment options to suit your budget.

We have investment options which are affordable and manageable. We believe this site will be beneficial to you. We want to make it risk free for you to try. We would suggest you check out our pricing options below and pick the one that suits your needs.

In any case all of the options come with a free trial period. Even our basic option where you pay for leads one at a time and as the come through, comes with a trial period of three free leads.

Pre qualified and guaranteed leads

We also offer you a replacement guarantee if are not happy with the lead because

The phone number is not valid and there is no way to book an appointment.

Your potential client was not interested in financial planning (eg they had a general insurance query)

Your client does not turn up or cancels your appointment and does not rebook.

We will replace your lead no questions asked. There are some terms and conditions you should read and some basic customer service we would expect from you (also outlined in the terms and conditions) like that when you get the lead you call them within one business day of getting the lead. However, in most instances the client would have chosen a time and date to meet you anyway so there should be no need to apply this situation.

Feedback calls/ surveys done on leads

As previously stated we want to ensure the people that fill in our enquiry form; your clients get amazing service and refer other people to you and other financial planners. We will ask for feedback from the clients that fill on the enquiry form. This will help us get you better quality, better qualified clients that want to do business with you.

Rewards for providing brilliant service

If would encourage your clients to put a testimonial about you on our website. This becomes a win/win for you and the client

Every testimonial about you that goes on our website, re-enforces your brand and helps you get more business. You will also get a extra lead for free for every testimonial a client puts on our website when they have explained a positive experience using this service.


You get rewarded too if another financial planner you referred uses this site!

If another financial planning businesses you referred purchases a block of 10 leads or more they get 5 free leads and so do you!

You read that right. We understand the power of networks and if you refer another financial planner with a different ABN/ACN and physical address we will reward you accordingly.

If you do it more than once, we will give you a call and discuss a better reward!

So what have you got to loose?

Apply now! You get:

  • Free leads to trial
  • The guarantee that should you provide good service you will get more leads
  • The guarantee that if the quality of the lead is not 100% you will get a replacement lead without question.

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