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Congratulations and welcome. Improving your financial situation or getting a wealth coach (financial planner) is something that is reserved for the few. There aren’t many people who go out of the way and do their best to improve their life and get their finances in order.

Some people view financial planning as unnecessary

Why do I need to get a sales person to sell me insurance. If you have faith enough to use this site, you will learn a good financial planner , like the ones available on this site don’t “flog” you something you don’t need. They will improve your situation. They look at logical ways, they can make your life, finances and even outlook better.

I had a financial advisor before and I am looking for another one.

If you’ve used a financial planner before and have landed on this site, you may have had a bad or good experience and are not sure if our service will give you the same result. If it was a good experience (maybe your financial planner retired) we will assure you, you will have a better experience. If you had a bad experience, will guarantee you, you’re experience with us will be amazing. It’s our reputation on the line.

Someone may have referred you to this service.

We are honoured they have thought of us. This shows the quality of people we have on our site. If they didn’t see a benefit for you, they would not have referred you. It affects their reputation as well as their integrity. We won’t let you or them down.


You have got everything to gain

Why not give us a shot? Fill in our two minute form and see if we live up to our reputation. You’ll be pleased to know we don’t need to know every detail, just minimal information. All you have to do is be willing to meet with a financial advisor who will help you put a strategy in place to improve your lifestyle, finances or relief stress you may be feeling. A one hour with a financial adviser, would be worth it, if they could give you the feeling of direction and clarity. It has to be worth it!

Who are we and why did we create this site

We are a group of family business owners, who have had both bad and good experiences with financial advisers. There have been average and poor articles in the media regarding the industry and we felt people deserve the opportunity to have the best. We understand people don’t have time to investigate a good financial planner and sometimes they don’t even know what to look for. We have taken the stress, worry and guess work out of working with a financial planner. We won’t let you down. It’s our reputation on the line.

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What can this site do for you?

Everyone’s situation is different and varied. However you wouldn’t have come to this site without a need to access good advice. Some of you reading this site may be on a tight budget and others may be more interested in quality verse how much you have to invest.

The guess work has been eliminated

We know what to look for in a financial planner. Somethings we look for include:

  • Are they part of an association
  • The length of time in business
  • What they specialise in and
  • Feedback from clients

Do you really have time to investigate a financial planner?

You may have some knowledge of the industry but the average Australian works 50 hours in a week. What they don’t tell us about in this figure is the amount of time it takes to travel to work. Now if you’re in Sydney, Brisbane or Western Australia mainly, your travel time can be 2 plus hours one way. Now we can all read a good book or play a game on our phones while travelling, but does anyone want to waste their time checking out financial planners. Most people find this activity boring. Let us make it fun by eliminating the hassle altogether and leave you more time to spend with family and have fun.

This site should help you improve your financial future?

If you could access the leaders in the financial planning industry would you? There are thousands of financial planners out there and you would be amazed to learn some are not even qualified to give advice and some have been suspended from their association.

If we could help you access financial planners who had helped others achieve their dreams and goals, would you want to fill in our two minute form?

While past performance does not guarantee future success, it’s till a good indicator. Let us know your dreams and financial goals on the two minute form, you’ll be glad you did.

Who should use this site?

We would like to say everyone should fill in our two minute form, but sadly this is not going to be the case.

You must be seriously interested in meeting up with a financial advisor?

Please do not fill in our form if you are just checking this site out. We don’t want to waste your time and stop a financial planner seeing clients that are interested in changing their financial future. Please feel free to subscribe to our newsletter and we will be happy to connect you with a financial advisor when you are truly interested in changing your financial future.

It would be a good idea to have the right expectancy

We hope you realise if you are 65 and have nothing in super, there isn’t going to be a lot a financial planner can do to help you retire next week. Also if you don’t have any money or income what so ever a financial planner may not be able to make much of a difference in the short term. Financial planners are looking for short, medium and long term results for their clients. The will look at everything from:

  • Budgeting
  • Cash flow management and salary sacrificing
  • Protecting your lifestyle and family
  • Consolidating super and investment options in super
  • Assisting with a Self-managed Super Fund
  • Investments and managed funds
  • Retirement planning
  • Government benefits for retirees, semi retirees and potential retirees
  • Transitioning to retirement
  • Aged care
  • Wills and succession planning

Tradies, tertiary qualified employees and managers would get the best benefit

Highly paid and skilled workers would benefit the most. They will benefit from strategies like:

  • Being tax efficient
  • Putting money away for a rainy day
  • Protecting lifestyle and income should something unexpected occur
  • If there is enough in super, a self-managed super fund.

But like any potential client without knowing your personal circumstances it would be best to fill in our two minute form and get a skilled financial planner to create a success strategy for you.
Of course you don’t need a big wage, to make a huge impact and set yourself up for the future. IF you don’t want to rely on the government in retirement, you should fill in our two minute form.

How much does it cost to use us?

You’ll be please to know it is free. We get paid by the financial planners, however this site is completely independent of any one financial planning business or a bank. We are paid by advisers but are total for you the client. A financial planner is rewarded by us for looking after you. If they give great service and you let us know the positive feedback on our site, we will give your financial planner additional clients.
We can tell you generally will be an investment to use a financial planner. This can be either a direct or indirect investment. However what we can’t share with you is the cost to get poor advice. This could cost you thousands of hard earned dollars and would suggest filling in the two minute form to avoid any future worries and heart ache.

What to expect from this site?

You should expect that you will be treated with respect and care. Please understand your details will not be used to telemarket you. You will be referred to between 1-4 financial planners and you will let us know how many Financial Planning appointments you want. We will only add you onto our newsletter if you ask.
You should expect based on the technology of this site, to get the best financial planner to suit your situation, location, employment and circumstances. The financial planner we recommend will be professional, knowledgeable and can drive you to your goals.
You should expect to feel relaxed and assured you have made the right decision.

how long does it take to get a financial planner to help youfrom start to finish?

From the date you lodge your enquiry, you should expect a financial advisor to call you within two business days of making the enquiry. At this time they will confirm your appointment time and advise you of the next steps. There will usually be about two meetings as a minimum and there could be more. Best case scenario would be your financial situation could be total changed within a week, but longer in most cases.

Your feedback is important

Through the whole process you will be encouraged to provide feedback about this site and about your planner. Thsi is your site and was made with you in mind. We want to know what we can do to make this experience for you the best that it can be. IF there is any way we can make you a raving fan, please fill in our contact form. If you have loved the experience, please be sure to put feedback on our testimonials and feedback page.

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Please tell us about your financial planner

One of the ways this site works is by the feedback client like you tell us. If you have had a bad or good experience, we want to know. It can help a financial advisor keep doing positive things and can help eliminate bad habits and experiences for other clients.

Everyone that put positive feedback on the site will go into the drawn for an ipad mini

You read that right, if you post your positive experience on the website about your financial planner and this site you’ll have a chance to win. With one given away every week, you’ll be glad you did.

What is our recommendation?

So if you haven’t already been convinced we are suggesting, you give it a shot. Its free, time saving, eliminates worry and helps you get only the best, which is what you deserve. Just fill in our two minute form, be willing to see a financial adviser and let us know if we have surpassed for expectation in our feedback form.
You’ll be glad you did.